This is a microprocessor controled tiny little stamp board which linearily controls the speed of a motor in bidirectional function (forward/backward). It can be simply hookbacked to the existing RotMot to give a compact fully integrated intelligent effect-motor assy. With one simple control input voltage you can condition operational status of your motor linear var. in all dimensions:

   0V= full speed CCW,  ......2,5V=stop ........+5V=full speed CW
The board has an on board scale trimmer to adapt any control voltage FSR (e.g. +10V etc.), you just need to close the scale jumper on board. Additionally you have the option of DB=Deadband select jumper
if set to stop: the motor stops at 0V and has full speed CCW above 0,2V.
This is for general system configurations: if you do not apply any control the motor is not in full speed CCW operation

General datas:
programming:     by Steve Heminover / Aura Technologies
tech-support:    by Ralph Mannhardt / MIB-Technologies
supply voltage:  same as your motor voltage (min. 8V   max   24V) for the "RotMot Intelligent" (see picture) +12...+15VDC supply current:
 same as motor current plus board consumtion of 25mA for the "RotMot Intelligent" (see picture)  total of 45mA You can drive up to 1Amps to your motor with this board !
indications:   LED supply voltage,   LED blinking of processor operation
connectors:    2 connectors for motor 1 and an additional motor 2
               1 connector for supply voltage and control voltage
Options:       As an option a DMX-board of either 8, 12, 32
Channel is available to control multiple devices.



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