"STARGATE" launched to market:

STARGATE. This SQUAREBURST grating glance with its high effect angle of a SQUARE pattern with diagonales and ultrawide galaxy orders up to 180°.

The STARGATE comes on glas substrate (1x1inch) with a usable beam aperture of 12x15mm, excellent power rating of more than 7Watts and good zero order suppression. The master relief structure has been calculated and optimized via CAD 2D!-interferometric simulation and then directly inscribed in a chromium layer on glas with an electron beam lithograph. Special glas etching process in fluor vapor phase converts finally the chromium mask to a relief structure in glas.

Most of the masking processes are quite similar to production of ultrahigh scale integration semiconductor chips using state of the art technologies, which are quite sophisticated in their kind.

The STARGATE is an excellent tool to create artistic beam effects with hundreds of colored beams over a wide horizontal and vertical angle, as well as abstract graphic laser art effects on screens with a complexity which a scanner will never be able to produce !

Let's go STARGATE.

REM - Raster Electron Microscope image of the STARGATE digital relief  enlarged x 1 000 000


  • Price: €UR 78,54  inkl. 19%MwSt
  • Ordercode: stargate
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