Common technical details

holographic relief

state of the art UV holographic photopolymer

relief thickness

10 -100 micron depending on effect typ

relief resolution

4000 - 12000 lines / mm


whitefloat glass,  highest quality, standart thickness 2mm, square- raw cutted, round form edges fine finished

operation conditions

-5...+80C measured at laser exposed area CW relative humidity up to 100%, resisitive to condensation, most solvents, light acids


isopropylalcohol with fine tissues. You may use also methanol, athanol, standart classcleaners with attention to additional ingredients (color etc.) You shut not use aceton, gasoline, trichloraethylen. Avoid high tension or scratches during cleaning procedure.

reflexion coating

depending on substrate size, differet coatings are available, 20x20mm first surface Al coated with MgF3 protection, 100mm Al backreflection coated for ruggedness.

Laser damage threshold for standard transmission Gratings

approx. 200...350Watts per square-centimeters (25C, static CW exposure TEM00 threshold may vary to individual sample, type, model and is subject to permanent  improvement on consequtive development basis in advanced UV-holographic photopolymer technology)

quality definition

LIGHTWORLD GRATINGS are produced with the current available technology which defines the resulting quality and operation parameters. Particular requirements on the material are only guarranteed when accepted in written form.


warranty period of 6 month to be free of manufacturing failures. Return of material only with accepted RAnumber. Contact Factory!

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