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Fiberoptics Lasers Gratings Opticals Safetylist

Copyright protection,  permission and trademark guidelines
WTO 1994-TRIPS #31, URHG §2 #5,#6 and following paragraphs

We sell our LIGHTWORLD GRATINGS with full copyright protection owned by CREATIVE LASER PRODUCTION for specific and intentional usage: to project or view lasereffects for entertainment only, as being an artwork.

Other applications may be possible for the usage of these products, but strictly prohibited is the usage of our grating products to make dublicates from them - and/or/by/copying the original holographic artwork of the relief structure privately or commecially in any kind or way. All our gratings are optoholographic artworks, each composed and optimized during a decade of years with the usage of extraordinary technologies and efforts. Each of our product we sell, is an original of the artwork we have performed.

CREATIVE LASER PRODUCTION will not allow any individual or company to use our grating products to make copies from them in any kind of way. It is an artwork !

CREATIVE LASER PRODUCTION will prosecute any violations under full extend of law in this subject with a minimum of assessment of damage and claim of compensation not below: 50 000.-- Euro ! CREATIVE LASER PRODUCTION has pioneered the renessance of optoholographic laser artistic with years of efforts, investments, research, technology and real work for our laser entertainment industry.

 With the purchase of these products, you agree with the above given restrictions and limitations in the usage of our grating products from Creative Laser Production.