this is a highly intelligent stepper motor board equipped with a microprocessor of highest comfort. This astep2 intelligent stepper controler gives you following features:
-analog voltage 0...+5VDC controls postion of a stepper motor  in half step resolutions,fully repeatable forward and reverse.
-automatic homing when powered up !
-homing on command request: controlvoltage =0V
-ideally matched to the StepMot to control the POLY-20-SECTOR  Grating for pattern select !

Programming:   Intelligence by Steve Heminover / Aura Technologies
techsupport:   by Ralf Mannhardt  / MIB-Technologies

 supply voltage: +12VDC....+15VDC for the StepMot  (min +8V max +24V)
 supply current: 200mA for the StepMot (max. 3A per steppermotor coil phase)

connectors:  1 connector for the steppermotor,
                   1 connector for supply and control





  • Price: call factory for availibility!
  • Ordercode: astep2
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