this is a tiny, little, compact, stamp analog driver board which can drive any open loop scanner based on the Bill Benners Accelerator 124 application (PANGOLIN LASER SYSTEMS).
 All functions of "servo", "damping", "size","dI/dt", "phase" are fully established on the board configuration, and fully user adaptive!
The galvo 1 comes in this case with the GM18 analog actuator/fader from CLP and is completely optimized in this particular combination.
This set gives you an exceptional economic device to linearily actuate and fade the beam paths on your table. Any optics can be mounted to the adapterdisc as it is required from your application. (mirrors, beamsplitters, dichrofilters etc.)

supply voltage:      dual supply   +/-12VDC   up to  +/-15VDC well regulated
supply current:      according to your actuator plus approx 25mA boardconsumtion (with GM18 actuator +/-200mA max. with GM20 +/-300mA)

connectors:  1 connector for the actuator galvo,
                   1 connector for supply and control





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