The Poly-10-Sector Grating

Brandnew substrate with unbeatable 10 different favourit effects all improved on one glassubstrat. That means you will get all our best and improved gratingeffects with one deal.

Additional feature is that the new 2002 digital STARGATE grating is included as a sector.

Mount this on our STEPMOT to rotate by progammable Steps to remote select the desired pattern.You may use the ASTEP-2 positioning system which can remote control pattern select when connected to any analog DMX channel.

It is unbelievable but all these effects are all on this single substrate disc:  CXT-2, DGXT-1, SolidCross, LWT-1, LWT-2, STARGATE, GWT-1, GNT-1, GWT-2, CXT-1

Size:  50 mm round       Effectaperture: 12 x 15 mm

  • Price: €UR 78,54  inkl. 19%MwSt
  • Ordercode: Poly-10-Sector

You may combine this Poly-10-Sector with any rotating 50C effect grating (best to do GWT-1-50C) to get effect animation of the selected pattern.

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